About iVolunteer

Every Filipino volunteering towards nation building.

How We Are Doing It

We promote volunteerism by:

  • Providing organizations with an avenue to reach out to more volunteers with the right skill sets and interests matching the organization’s needs
  • Campaigning and promoting the concept of volunteerism broadly
  • Providing volunteers an easy way to find volunteering opportunities that matches their skills and interest

Not Just a Website

iVolunteer is not just a website but a culture change empowered by volunteers to spread the passion of volunteerism. We thrive with small contributions of many passionate individuals. We network; we tell our friends about volunteerism. This is how we promote the culture: one person at a time.

The iVolunteer website is run 100% by volunteers with full time day jobs! It is a testament that if you want to help, there is no reason not to start now with what you can offer. In this, we also find hope that others, given the right information, will share their time and resources towards worthy causes.

Our Humble Beginnings

http://www.ivolunteer.net.ph is the Philippines’ first volunteerism website created in 2001 by a group of passionate individuals. For more than ten years the group and the website has pioneered many firsts including hosting of Exchange Arena (project that aimed to facilitate partnership building among the business sector, government and civil society through employee volunteerism) and creation of a model of institutionalizing a volunteer management system in the municipality of Libon in Albay.

Ten years after, another group of young professionals thought of using the internet and mobile phones to promote volunteerism. Needing a refresh and update, the website and trademark was handed over by the original iVolunteer group to the current group. The idea of an online volunteer matching facility took a rebirth in 2011.


Our story started during Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy). There as overflowing interest from Filipinos to help and volunteer but didn’t know where to go.


We met the original group of iVolunteer which was established in 2001. They agreed to hand over the brand to the 2nd generation of iVolunteers.


The website had a grand relaunch in a volunteer expo called GoVolunteer.


iVolunteer celebrates its 10th anniversary with the unwavering passion to make every Filipino a volunteer.

Help us realise our dream of reaching 1 million Filipinos by 2020 and start volunteering now.

What Have We Achieved?

We are grateful to be the recipient of many awards but our most notable achievements as follow.


We Invite all Volunteers

We’re inviting all volunteers: short-term or long-term volunteers, of any background, interest or expertise to be part of our online community. Be enriched by signing up in one or more of the volunteer opportunities posted online. Enrich others by sharing your experience as well as the website to your friends and family.

We Invite all Organisations

If you are a duly recognized organization, whether government or non-government, with volunteer opportunities to offer, please maximize this facility to reach out to more volunteers and find the volunteer with the right skill sets and interests matching your needs.

Want To Know More? Contact Us!

You may send inquiry emails about the organisation and the event to contactus@ivolunteer.com.ph.